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F&I Mastermind is about product sales, processes and procedures aimed at High Gross Profitability with Zero Liability.

It is our intention to write the definitive textbook on F&I Procedures.

Jim Ziegler returns with the ALL NEW, COMPLETELY RE-WRITTEN NEW MILLENNIUM F&I manual, now in a downloadable version.


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Develop Advanced Menu Selling Competency
Maximize unit sales from the sales of Finance and Leasing options while maximizing profitability
Learn consultant sales counseling methods to best assist customers in selecting suitable finance packages, lease programs and aftermarket products
Develop full-disclosure skills for selling Parts and Labor Agreements, (Vehicle Service Contracts), with high penetration and high profitability while reducing cancellations and charge backs
Develop skills and techniques for selling credit, life and credit disability insurance with high penetration and reduced charge backs
Learn how to manage and motivate the sales force to insure that the F&I/Leasing Manager receives a quality introduction to every customer turnover at the point-of-sale
Learn professional benefit-driven word-tracts
Improve sales skills and learn proven professional techniques to improve product sales and profitability
Learn full disclosure procedures designed to create a pleasant, positive and stress-free buying experience for the customer while still maximizing profit
Learn methods to effectively sell the advantages and benefits of selecting your dealership